I am a first year student in the University of Michigan’s Joint Program in English and Education. And, for the most part, that’s what I’ll be talking about on this blog: English, education, and all the stuff that ties them together. Even though I am using the blog form, I am treating my entries as preparations for classes that I am taking. . . It is quite possible that what I write will interest only a very few (and probably, sometimes, just me)–and that’s fine.This is just a notebook free of the yoke of my terrible handwriting. It’s probably clear from my posts, but I’ve been a teacher some, a student some, and I like to cook. What might not be clear is that I’m afraid of fish and I love to drive barefoot. I can’t wait for baseball season to start–but I am not nearly as excited as my husband. And that my idea of a fun vacation is a grand tour of Wisconsin’s cheese-belt. You-betcha.

There are other things “about” me, too–but I am not going to tell you any of them. I am VERY mysterious.

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